Our Features

Hit the bulls eye

We believe every customer is unique and valued, with each individual enriching your business in their own way. Providing a powerful solution for consumer retention, purl allows you to identifying customer activity generated from your campaigns at scale. Instantly locate each customer and hyper-personalise your re-targeting response.

Perfect your campaign performance

With a powerful capability to stitch data across digital campaigns, receive insights straight to your fingertips. Harvest deep analytics on campaign engagement at an individual user level and unlock a rare 360º view of each customer. With a sleek and data rich analytics suite, purl makes understanding your customer simple so you can make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Brighten your links with your brand

Paint your purls with your brand. Our tool has built in brand building allowing you to replace p-url with your custom domains. Boost your engagement with your audience recognising where your link takes them and convert each link into a trusted brand asset.

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